Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

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The holidays can be a stressful time. Whether its navigating social settings, balancing all the events, the holiday treats or just trying to get your workouts in. Life can become very busy.

That is why we created the Holiday Survival Guide to help you:

  • Get through the holidays without added stress
  • Navigate social settings and all the food that comes with it
  • Not gain weight over the holidays by teaching you how to structure your meals
  • Increase confidence with food choices

You will get:

  • Tips on how to stay hydrated. Alcohol, sugar, stress can all dehydrate the body.
  • An 'Anti Puffy' post drinking remedy to help cure you from a hangover.
  • A sample meal plan. How to eat for the day of when you have a big dinner that night.
  • Learn the science behind Carb Backloading.
  • A 3 day Metabolic Workout plan.


  • Holiday Survival Recipe Guide
  • Exclusive 15% off Metagenics Discount


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