About Us

Our mission at B Elite is to redefine health and fat loss. The typical narrative is if you lose weight, you will become healthier. While this is true to some extent, the approach needs to be the other way around - get healthier to lose weight (excess bodyfat to be specific). This is where our system of Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™ comes in.

Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™ is our system of  assessing and addressing the major aspects of optimal health - hormonal balance, digestion, detoxification, metabolism and sleep quality.

Once we get to the root issues, we design specific nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle protocols to allow your body to heal and as a result, drop bodyfat. One thing you won't see with us is hours of cardio or restrictive calorie counting diets.

On this site, you will find the best quality supplements and programs that we use with our clients to help them achieve sustainable transformations.