5 Step Assessment

5 Step Assessment

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Our system of Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™️, identifies your major stressors (hormonal, digestive, sleep, emotional) and finds solutions for them. It is the process of giving the body the opportunity to heal through nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and training protocols specifically designed for you.

Because as your body heals, cosmetic changes are the side effect.

Your body will add/store fat as a way of keeping you safe from danger (stressors).

These stressors disrupt specific hormones which results in increased fat around corresponding body parts. For example, eating excessive carbohydrates or at the wrong time will disrupt insulin and add fat around your ‘love handles’. Whereas chemicals from your hair/skin products, toothpaste and/or deodorant (just to name a few) elevate estrogen and add fat around the legs and hips.

Addressing and eliminating these stress factors will regulate the hormones within your body resulting in the body getting rid of unwanted body fat and detoxing better, naturally.

First, you will go through extensive intake forms that allow us to assess your 

  • Digestion, Organ Functions, Detoxification & Gut Health
  • Primal Eating Pattern (how you should be eating vs. how you are)
  • Memory, Mood & Stress (what your brain needs to wake up and sleep better)
  • Metabolism & how it affects thyroid function

Second, we will evaluate your hormonal profile. Using the premise of how hormones affect fat loss (where we carry body fat is related to our hormonal profile). 

You will submit a front, side and back photo so we can identify the areas of your body where you are holding fat (please download and read the document on how to take proper photos).

Once all the data is collected, we will discuss why your body is STUCK on a 45-60 minute zoom call. We will also answer questions and discuss what your success plan would look like if we were to work together.

Success Plan - How long would it take to get you to your goals? What would we achieve in each phase? How long would each phase take?

We will then discuss the online program as a way of facilitating your results (all prices are associated with the length of your success plan).

Some health issues we have been able to help people with include:

  • Weight stuck? Not moving
  • Can’t lose body fat
  • Decreasing inflammation and joint pain
  • Digestive issues – acid reflux, IBS, colitis, bloating, irregular bowel movements
  • Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Trouble falling and staying sleep
  • Menopause, PMS symptoms
  • Migraines and brain fog
  • Yeast infections

This method of Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™ provides natural, long term solutions to your health and weight loss concerns. You can achieve all of this WITHOUT unsafe fat loss pills, hours of aerobic work, calorie-counting or restrictive diets.


The assessment is an extensive intake process that allows us to assess your digestion, organ functions, detoxification, metabolism, sleep quality and brain chemistry.

As a part of the 5 Step Assessments clients will be required to perform at home tests that will give us more information about the root of your issues.

  1. Provide starting front, side and back photos at eye levels so we can assess where your body is holding fat and which hormones may be potentially dysfunctional. 
  2. Perform a Metabolism Test 
    Note: The metabolism test is important because it will tell us about the functioning status of your thyroid hormone.

These tests are to be run over a one week period.

Reminder that after your forms have been submitted and at home tests have been performed, we will book a 45-60 minute zoom call to go over your findings and we will discuss your strategy for success given your unique 5 Step Assessment results. 

Please be aware that your 5 step assessment is not refundable.

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