Why Tap Water Is Bad For You

Does your tap water smell funny? Maybe it tastes like chlorine. Did you know tap water has at least 5 different heavy metals in it?

You may use it to brew your coffee, boil your veggies, make the family rice or even soak in it after a long day but the Safe Drinking Water Act only sets limits on the levels of harmful chemicals added to your drinking water and doesn't require the city to completely eliminate all chemicals. The age of the pipes can also be adding extra juice to your water which can go unnoticed.

Here's 8 reasons why you shouldn't be drinking tap water, what it is doing to your health & a great alternative.
  1. Tap water is filled with heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, manganese, lead, copper, cadmium and chromium. An over exposure to these heavy metals are linked to anemia, liver/kidney issues, dementia and Alzheimer's disease just to name a few illnesses. Heavy metals also effect your skin (acnes, eczema, psoriasis & rosacea) and have a direct link to the health of your thyroid. If your body is carrying an abundance of heavy metals, which sits in fat cells, you'll notice an increase in cellulite and auto immune issues.
  2. You may actually be consuming radioactive particles. Is there a lot of construction going on in your area? Any drilling or work that breaks up the ground? When ground work takes place, substances can leak into the groundwater which eventually seeps into your water supply. Most cities are treating their water supply to bring these levels down to an acceptable level, but not fully removing all the radon, uranium or radium that has seeped in. Exposure to radio active substances can lead to a variety of cancers.
  3. Fluoride is often added to prevent tooth decay however causes neurological damage and immune issues. If your water does contain fluoride, we recommend picking up a Santevia Gravity Water System for your home. This filter is proven to eliminate many harmful chemicals found in tap water including fluoride. 
  4. Water softeners often take out the calcium and magnesium in water and is replaced with sodium chloride which causes respiratory and GI issues.
  5. You can get lead poisoning. If your water system is made up of lead piping, over time small particles can enter your water. Over time lead poisoning can lead to hypertension and reproductive issues. Even if you're drinking well water, it's important to have this checked at least once a year.
  6. Corrosion of pipes can be adding bacteria and parasites' to your water. E. Coli can be found in your tap water depending on where you live and an exposure to this can compromise your immune system leading to excess cramping, fatigue and fevers. Make sure you're having your septic systems checked annually to avoid any issues here.
  7. Excess chlorine could be slowing your fat loss results by killing the good bacteria in your gut. It also effects neuro transmitters and increases your risk of kidney issues which can hinder your ability to detox properly. Most cities are using chlorine in their water to filter out harmful bacteria and kill germs however an excess exposure to this can cause sever health issues and may slowly be killing you and your weight loss goals.
  8. Hard water is rough on your skin. Hard water means it has a high mineral content however causes more skin irritation, dryness and itchiness.

Is your body carrying extra toxins and not detoxing well? Do you have stubborn cellulite you just can't get ride of? It may be time to rethink the quality of water drinking, cooking with and bathing in. If your body is toxic, switching the water you're consuming on a daily basis can help improve your toxic load. This is why it's so important to be drinking clean, filtered water. Getting a Santevia water pitcher for your home can restore your confidence in drinking tap water by removing the harmful chemicals that are seeping in unnoticed. Tap water should taste great and be good for you. Do yourself and your family a favour and order a Santevia Alkaline Pitcher or power stick today.