Why Soaking Nuts & Seeds is Beneficial for Digestion

Soaking nuts/seeds prior to consumption has a large variety of health benefits. From improved digestion and absorption to improving their nutritional content. Soaking nuts/seeds can also improve their taste by remove any dust or residue caused by processing.

Nuts/seeds contain a protective barrier which stops them from germinating to soon. This also limits their nutritional content when eaten raw. Soaking nuts/seeds mimics the germination process which increases their nutritional profile by breaking down the physic acid.

If you find you experience gas, bloating or indigestion after eating nuts/seeds try soaking them first in filtered water. This is a great way to reduce any sensitivities to nuts as it also removes the lectins. 

Here's How to Soak Your Nuts/Seeds:
1. Place the nuts/seeds in a glass jar.
2. Fill the jar with filtered water & 1 tbsp sea salt.
3. Seal, making the jar air tight & leave on the counter.
4. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes but 7-8 hours or even over night is ideal.
5. Rinse, remove the shell and use right away.

Note: Always remove the shells. Harder nuts will require a longer soaking time. Avoid placing nuts in a plastic container as this can leak harmful chemicals into the water or your food.