Why Heavy Metals Are Bad & What You Can Do

While certain heavy metals are necessary for the body in small amounts, other ones like lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium can be problematic.


First, let's look at how we are unknowingly adding 4 of the most common toxic heavy metals to our body:
Lead - Breathing in car/truck exhaust, root canals & drinking unfiltered water.
Aluminum - Deodorant, vaccines & pots/pans.
Mercury - Dental filings, vaccines, contact lens solution & seafood. 
Cadmium - Cigarettes, hydrogenated oils & poor quality coffee.

So here's the problem.. 
These heavy metals (along with the other 19 toxic heavy metals) can interrupt cellular processes and disrupt the energy makers within our cells (our mitochondria). Hence why you may always be extremely tired. 

Toxic heavy metals drive diseases and severe hormonal imbalances so its that much more important to limit exposure. Signs of toxicity can show up as severe cramping, vertigo, impaired brain functions, chronic fatigue, brain fog, acne, poor digestion, bloating or gas, infertility, excess sweating, weight gain around the waist, joint pain or severe food cravings. 

If you have been suffering with any of these issues for years, you probably have a pretty high build up of heavy metals in your body. Your liver and kidneys can break down small amounts but an over exposure daily, for years can make the body store these heavy metals which over time can poison your body and create a severe hormonal imbalance.

Other Negative Effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity Includes:
1) Increased estrogen in the body while lowering progesterone
2) Triggers oxidative stress 
3) Poisons enzymes needed to create healthy hormones that help with conversion of other hormones
4) Infertility, chronic fatigue, moodiness and weight gain
5) Thyroid dysfunction
6) Irregular periods

1) Eat Well - We will repeat this a million times. Eating a large variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables can help to cleanse the body. Along with eating an anti-inflammatory diet. You need nutrients to help detoxify naturally. Even garlic can help to reduce lead levels whereas cilantro helps to pull mercury out through your urine. While supplementing with Magnesium can help reduce the concentration of lead and cadmium buildup.
2) Do your Liver/Gull Bladder Flushes regularly to increase Glutathione. Which helps to eliminate heavy metals, especially mercury and lead. If the body is under too much stress and not detoxing properly its hard to remove metals or toxins naturally.
3) Supplement with Chlorella, a fresh water green alga rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Chlorella can help reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, enhance immune function and speed up recovery. Chlorella is great for counteracting heavy metal toxicity. If you are lacking essential minerals your body wont have what it needs to push out heavy metals from the body.

Toxic levels of heavy metals can have a negative effect on your health and directly affect your thyroid, create hormonal imbalances and trigger autoimmune issues. Its important not only to do things that will minimize exposure but also eliminate current heavy metals from your body before a serious problem arises.