Why Have Protein & Fats For Breakfast

You set the tone for a great day!


  • Helps to regulate blood sugar for the entire day
  • Helps improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces cravings and late night snacking
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increases your ability to burn/loss body fat 
  • Support the adrenal glands and reduces fatigue
  • Turns on your brain neurotransmitters
  • Sets the hormonal tone for the day (if you have cereal or waffles for breakfast, it will raise insulin. This will make you crave sugar all day).
Starting your day with a meal consisting of protein, healthy fats and veggies helps to set up your body hormonal trend for the day. It helps your body use fat as fuel and aids in fat loss. This will also help reduce cravings so you are not tempted by all the Halloween treats that will be around this month. Whereas a breakfast consisting of sugary processed carbs can send you down a path of cravings and having more sugar throughout the entire day. 
4-6oz of Protein (Steak, Chicken Thighs, Lamb, Salmon, Whole Eggs, Etc.), Sautéed Veggies/Salad & Avocado