Weekend Tips

If your holiday parties are starting up, or you are just enjoying the weekend. We hope you can let loose and take advantage of some of the tips we have been sharing all month long with you. One of the busiest seasons is just about to get started and we want you to be setup for success. 

Use the tools we have been sharing so your Monday's aren't so difficult and you are not restarting your diet or entering the week filled with guilt. Stay tuned for more tips to help get your through the holiday season.


  1. Get outside. Spend some time in nature, go for a walk or do an outdoor activity. 
  2. Don't over indulge in too much alcohol. A drink here or there isn't bad but over consumption can leave you feeling crappy the next day.
  3. Try something new or spend time working on a passion project/hobby.
  4. Meal prep and/or plan out your week ahead. Set yourself up for a successful week ahead!
  5. Don't over sleep. Still go to bed and wakeup at the same time you do during the week.
Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and let loose!