Tip When Eating Out

Going out with friends is apart of life. So are birthday parties and anniversaries.

We get it. Life events will come up and there will never be a perfect time to start a program. But don't let your plans hold you back from getting started on your health and weightless goals. One of the biggest questions clients ask us is 'how do I navigate going out and still sticking to the plan?' and 'What if I can't find the same meal on my plan?'

Honestly - it's not the end of the world or even that challenging to still eat out and stick to your plan. Yes, the exact foods may not match your plan. But we try to take the stress out of this event/meal by matching the macros of the meal. Meaning if you're supposed to have a protein, fats and veggies in the specific meal on plan, while out look for a meal that has protein, fats and veggies in it.

For example: If your meal plan has ground beef, avocado and steamed veggies for dinner. A good option would be a salad that has nuts/seeds/avocado on it and add chicken or steak. Also, don't be afraid to say 'no cheese' or 'dressing on the side'. This meal will still contain the protein, fats and veggies that match your plan. Whereas chicken strips and fries wouldn't match the meal plan as these are usually battered in flour (gluten), deep fried (in poor quality oil/fat) and the fries would be a carb rather than veggies.

So as you can see in the example above, there are better options to have while eating out vs things that won't serve you well.

When you're eating out, travelling and on the go, it's about survival and doing what you can so that you can still eat, stay on track and feel good. We understand the exact foods may be hard to get out, but knowing how to make the modifications you need so you can still navigate life events and stay on plan is a powerful tool.

And never forget to leave home without your digestive enzymes or blood sugar support supplements. These help with digestion and can prevent any uncomfortable bloating.

But most of all, we still want you to enjoy yourself!