Simple Way To Structure Your Meals

With the holiday season coming up and more nights out, events and tasty food around. It can sometimes become a stressful time. Especially when you're following a diet but still want to fit in and enjoy the moment. 

If you're headed out this weekend and know you will be indulging. Here's a simple way to structure your meals during the day and leading into the evening so that you're not completely falling off track.

One thing to note, is it's important not to skip meals. Make sure you do not under eat during the day as this can lead to overeating at night. Just structure your meals a little differently so that you can still enjoy your evening. 

Breakfast - 3-6oz Fatty Protein (Sausage, Salmon, Lamb) & Mixed Veg/Salad 
Snack - Fresh Pressed / Green Juice 
Lunch - 4-6oz Fish/Seafood fried in Grass Fed Butter, Veggies/Salad & Olives
Snack - 1 Fruit of Choice & Handful of Nuts
Dinner - Holiday Meal or Holiday Treat

As you can see, you're eating mostly protein, fats and veggies throughout the day. Then in the evening, you get to have all the carbs and enjoy your holiday meal. Stay tuned for Mondays email to find out why we structured eating this way when you have an event to attend in the evening.