Signs You Have An Unhealthy Gut

Have you been trying one diet after another and still unable to lose that stubborn last 10lbs?

You even hired a trainer so you could train harder.

But things still aren't changing.

Did you know that last 10lbs could be sitting in your gut?

You gut turns food into nutrients and energy for the body to use. It also plays a role in your hormonal balance, mind and mood, inflammation, bacteria growth and so much more.

If you're suffering from the following symptoms, you may need help with your gut health.

  1. Always Bloated
  2. Gas - Especially smelly gas. This is a sign of undigested food or intolerances to what you ate.
  3. Skin Issues - Acne, psoriases, eczema, rosacea and rashes (to name a few) are all related to poor gut health, an overgrowth of yeast, bacteria or parasites in the gut.
  4. Constipation or Diarrhea
  5. Brain Fog & Low Motivation - Relying on multiple cups of coffee a day is a sign of poor gut health.
  6. Inflammation & Joint Pain 
  7. Anxiety & Mood Swings

The state of your gut directly affects your overall health and wellbeing. It's a vital part in your fat loss journey and should not be overlooked.

We have created a 6 Week Gut Repair Program (found in our store) that is done on your own pace.

Following this program you should:

  • Reduce inflammation, gas, bloating
  • Improve digestion
  • Have better bowel movements, daily
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce seasonal allergies, UTI’s, yeast infections
  • Improve your body’s ability to detoxify
  • Drop body fat & weight
  • Flatter stomach

What you get:

  • Gut Health Questionnaire
  • Stomach Acid Test
  • List of Foods to Avoid
  • Food Lists (makes substitutions easy)
  • Power Water Recipe 
  • Supplement Protocol
  • 6 Week Nutrition Plan
  • Recipes

Grab your copy today to get started!