Put Love Into Your Food With Spices & Sauces

Do you enjoy the foods you’re eating or do you just eat to eat? We consume food for a variety of different reasons. Whether you’re eating to nourish your body, cure a bad mood, heal a disease or eating for pleasure, food provides a variety of positive or negative effects on our mind, mood & overall health.

The taste, flavour and smell of your food influence different sensory characteristics within the brain which allows you to accept or reject food. Food contains different chemical properties and nutrients which all play a role on our moods, hunger levels and experiences. Even your plate size influences how you perceive food.

Its important to love the foods you’re eating. If you’re not one to season your food, simply adding salt & pepper can enhance its taste. If you’re exhausted just thinking about food & discouraged when it comes to cooking, it’s time to think differently and put love back into the foods you’re eating.

Try out different seasonings, use a variety of sauces & switch up the way you cook your food daily or weekly. Try marinating your meats overnight before cooking which helps to tenderize it, adds a ton of flavour and makes meat easier to digest. This can be done by tossing your meat into a zip lock bag, with spices & keeping it in the fridge overnight or even just a few hours. Give it a little massage and let sit.
  • Add something acidic (citrus juice, vinegar or wine) to help break down the meat, giving you a nice juicy piece of meat.
  • Add in things like ginger, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper or paprika to help enhance flavour.
  • Chop up some rosemary, thyme or cloves.
  • While gluten free tamari, mustard, tabasco or Worcester sauce can also add a ton of flavour.
Allow the food you’re eating to uplift your mood & eat to nourish your soul. Make small changes this week. Explore and experiment with new seasoning, pull out the slow cooker and try a new recipe. How you view your food effects its reality and how it tastes. Put some love back into your food and enjoy the foods you’re eating.