Processed Foods & Gut Health

Did you know that eating processed foods can actually be making you sicker?

Emulsifiers, preservatives, food colourings and non-sugar sweetener are all ingredient added to processed foods like ice cream and peanut butter to improve colour, texture and extend shelf life. They all increase gut inflammation, metabolic syndrome, obesity, high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Having too many processed foods could be the reason you can't lose those last 10lbs or find your waist getting wider rather than smaller.

It's known that eating a diet rich in minimally processed whole foods is associated with having good gut health/bacteria.

The way you eat is contributing to your internal ecosystem. Consuming a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats will keep this system producing good gut bacteria and you healthy.

A healthy gut begins with what you put into it! So keeping this in mind while you eat, you can eat your way to a happy and healthier gut!

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