Morning After Remedy

That's right, we have all been there. Felt like sh*t the morning after a few drinks. Rolling around in bed looking for something magical to make all the pain go away. Next time you find yourself in this situation keep in mind that you want to rehydrate yourself ASAP. Save this email and give it a try.

Upon waking, drink a large glass (10-12oz) of filtered water. Add the juice from 1/2 a fresh lemon, 1 tsp sea salt and freshly grated ginger (or ginger powder). Warm water or room temperature is best.


  • Lemon helps to neutralize the acidity from alcohol
  • Salt acts as an electrolyte 
  • Ginger calms an upset tummy
Throughout the rest of the day, make sure to get in another 3-4L of clean, filtered water as well.

If you are really feeling it, add in 400mg of White Willow Bark. This is a natural herb that is analgesic (pain reliever) and has anti inflammatory properties.

This is just one of the tips you will find in our Holiday Survival Guide. A guide designed to help you get through the holidays.

Did you know alcohol contain gluten?

Here's a list of the most popular drinks that contain gluten:

  1. Beer, Ale, Lager
  2. Malt Liquor
  3. Flavoured Liquor

Even if you aren't eating a yummy homemade holiday treat. If you find yourself drinking, pop 1-2 capsules of SpectraZyme™ Gluten Digest before drinking. We spoke about this last week and how gluten can often be hidden and found in products that are made with wheat, barley and rye. Which is many alcoholic drinks.