Why Saturday's Go Bad

Do you 'fall of the wagon' on the weekends?

Monday-Friday is pretty simple. You wakeup, have your morning smoothie & head straight to work. Your routine throughout the week is always the same, you're practically on auto pilot. But Saturday comes and without a plan you sleep in a little later & binge watch as many tv shows on Netflix as possible. Do you find it hard to stay on track with your health & fitness goals over the weekend when the social events, outings & endless errands you have to do creep up?

We hear it all the time. "I was great during the week but fell off hard on the weekend". Monday morning comes & you look in the mirror filled with guilt wondering what the heck happened.

Here's our top 5 tips you can use to help stay on track over the weekend so you don't become your worst enemy Monday morning:

  1. Meal Prep 2x/week. Don't just wait till Sunday to prep your meals for the week. Plan to make extra food during the week so you can go into the weekend with your meals planned out & ready.
  2. Plan a fun activity out. Go for a walk, try ice skating or take a road trip. Fill your time so you're not sitting around at home thinking about food.
  3. Don't neglect what your body needs. Your body still functions the same on the weekends & works just as hard to keep you healthy during this time so don't neglect proper nutrients & still feed yourself nourishing but satisfying foods.
  4. Keep a positive mindset. Don't go into the weekend telling yourself "its the weekend, I deserve a break from my diet". Be conscious and still give yourself what you need. Keep extra fruits, veggies & nuts stocked up that way you're prepared for whatever the weekend brings.
  5. Try Intermittent Fasting on Saturday or Sunday. Especially if you ate a substantial meal the night before, try to eat your breakfast 14-16hrs after. 
Don't let a great week be ruined by an uncontrolled weekend. Keep a positive mindset & don't compromise your hard work because someone else is doing something.