Importance of Food Rotation for Gut Health

Improve your gut health naturally with a varied diet.

Eating a range of foods daily is an excellent way to boost your gut microbiome naturally. 

Food rotation assists with:

  • Digestion
  • Keeps the good bacteria in your gut healthy by producing vitamins
  • Supports the immune system
  • Fends off harmful bacteria

Most people can enhance their gut health naturally through food. The more varied the diet as a whole, the more access the gut has to an array of beneficial nutrients

Your gut relies on the right balance of different bacteria to digest your food and to prevent infection and inflammation. Gut health also affects your mental health, weight, blood sugar and liver. So having a healthy gut will lead to a healthier, more balanced you!

Are you confused about what to eat and what not to eat? With so much information online about healthy eating, it can be tricky to be sure what’s best for a healthy gut.

Here's 10 foods that are great:

  1. Sauerkraut - Finely chopped cabbage that has been fermented. It's a great source of probiotics, fibre and vitamins.
  2. Kimchi - Fermented vegetables containing probiotics and fibre.
  3. Almonds - High in fibre and full of fatty acids and polyphenol.
  4. Olive Oil - Helps reduce gut inflammation and eases indigestion. Filled with fatty acids and polyphenol.
  5. Leafy Green Veggies - High in fibre and feeds good gut bacteria.
  6. Asparagus - A good source of probiotics. 
  7. Brussel Sprouts -  Contains fibre that good bacteria like and sulphur compounds which help combat unhealthy bacteria such as H pylori. 
  8. Bananas - Supply your gut with inulin, a type of fibre that helps good bacteria grow.
  9. Garlic - Has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can help keep “bad” gut bacteria under control and helps balance yeast in the gut.
  10. Ginger - Helps produce stomach acid and stimulates the digestive system to keep food moving through the gut.
Stop eating the same thing everyday and start adding more variety into your diet!

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