How Sugar Affects The Brain

How Sugar Affects The Brain.

Sugar has a drug like effect on our brain. It is addicting (like drugs) and often makes your loose self control, resulting in over eating (ie. 'munchies'). Sugar is also the hardest of the Furious 5 (wheat, dairy, soy, corn, sugar) to avoid. It's in pretty much everything and the only way to avoid this is to avoid processed foods. 

Not only does it make your brain super active, it:

  • Depletes B6 - When you (or kids) are depleted of B6 it makes you aggressive and violent.  
  • Speeds up the brain resulting in poor focus and the inability to process information well. Eating a diet high in sugar also leads to memory loss. When kids eat sugar throughout the day, they can't stay focused or study well.
  • Sugar directly attacks your immune system when it enters your body. When sugar is consumed it halts the cells in your immune system, which make you weaker and unable to fight off anything while sugar is in your body. It can stall your immune system for 1-2 hours after consumptions. 
We were made to believe sugar isn't bad for you. But doing a deeper dive into the effects of sugar on your body and brain, you can see it has some last effects. 

As you can see in the photo above, your brain is actually more active while eating sugar then when you consume cocaine. Now I'm not saying cocaine is better for you, but as you can see, it has a stronger effect on your brain. Neither of which should be consumed. Especially by children.