How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

By now you probably know that drinking water all day, everyday is pretty important. But you may be wondering how much exactly does your body need to stay hydrated?

Your body is about 60% water and depends on it for survival. Water keeps every function in your body working optimally yet the majority of us still experience dehydration on a regular basis. 

Being dehydrated can drain your energy quickly, make you tired and cause confusion.

Just to refresh, water is essential for:
- carrying nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body
- flushes bacteria from you bladder and aids with removing toxins
- great for digestion & helps prevent constipation
- helps regulate body temperature 
- protects organs, tissues and joints
- helps to maintain stable blood pressure and electrolyte balance

If you're an active individual, run often or do a sport where you sweat a lot, you need even more water then the average individual.

So how much water exactly do you need?

8 glasses a day is a pretty generic and a basic rule of thumb. However, it actually varies per person. 

If you want to get scientific about it and down to the ml. Calculate 30ml of water per kg of body weight and you have your set baseline. If you're active you may need up to 50ml per kg of body weight. 

Kids need about 6-8 glasses a day.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women need a little more than the average female.

If you're a busy on the go person, we recommend picking up a Power Stick Water Bottle Filter. It'll alkalize your water and give you a boost of minerals with that spring water taste.

Whereas if you are an active individual, Santevia has made a Recovery Stick that's great for getting alkaline mineral water in post workout. It infuses your water with calcium and magnesium while removing chlorine from the water.