Holiday Workouts

The holidays are a busy time. But it's also NOT the time to slack off with your workouts. In fact, it's a great time to switch up your workouts and do something that will be more effective for you in a shorter time.

Moving your body is important to keep things moving, especially before and after a big meal. Movement moves fluids and toxins around and out of your body. So slacking on workouts during this busy time isn't an ideal way to burn off those extra calories you may be taking in.

Working out also gives you a place to rehydrate. Your body naturally craves more water to minimize fatigue during a workout. A win win.

Short, intense, metabolic workouts are the best type of workout during the holiday season as they rev up your metabolism. Metabolic workouts help shuttle glycogen into your muscle instead of adipose tissue. They recruit and exhausts more muscle and naturally trigger the release of growth hormone which is key in increasing muscle mass. During pretty much every metabolic training session you'll feel your muscles burning and your metabolism fired up for hours after.

And as we know this is a busy time, we've included 3 different metabolic workouts you can cycle through over and over again for the month of December in our Holiday Survival Guide.