Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching and before we know it we will be busy each weekend with a holiday party or get together.

This time of year seems to add a lot of stress, pressure and confusion amongst clients and people in general.  Torn between their own personal goals and showing up for everyone at each event. Plus, with all the extra treats laying around or given as gifts, the temptations and cravings rise! Not wanting to feel left out or deprived we often see people cave. Or even worse, feel guilty and confused with what to do and the extra weight they may have gained by over indulging.

But we get it, we've all been cooped up for too long and the holiday season only comes once a year. And should be more about making great memories than standing alone. 

This is why we created the Holiday Survival Guide. It's a simple and easy to follow short term plan that can help you navigate the holidays, social settings, and the bigger meals at night. We also know it's not always possible to get in all your workouts during this time so we've added in 3 quick, effective, metabolic workouts.

In this guide you will get:

  • Tips on how to stay hydrated. Alcohol, sugar, stress can all dehydrate the body.
  • An 'Anti Puffy' post drinking remedy to help cure you from a hangover.
  • Learn the science behind Carb Backloading.
  • A 3 day Metabolic Workout plan.

We've also ADDED a couple BONUSES this year:

  • Holiday Survival Recipe Guide - Healthy Paleo friendly meal and dessert recipes that the entire family will love.
  • Exclusive 15% off Metagenics Discount for our Holiday Digest Bundle.
  • A sample meal plan. How to structure your meals for the day of when you have a big dinner that night.

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