Holiday Parties

So let's talk about holiday parties. How many actual night of parties and events over the holidays do you have coming up? Take out your calendar or grab a pen and paper and literally write down how many parties and events you have. I'll wait...

Now, add them all up. Out of the 53 days left in 2021, how many actual days are you at a party or an event?

Let's do some simple math. And we're actually over calculating here because parties don't usually last all day and all night. They are usually a couple hours at most. But that's okay. Take the number of days you actually have a party or event to attend. Divide it by 53 then multiply by 100. This should give you the percent of time that you will be at a party.

Let's also look at the actual amount of days that are left over that you are not attending a function or get together. Why are we doing this? It's to bring the holidays to a reality check. The holiday season is not a write-off. As usually we have more days where we can eat well, train hard, sleep right, etc. than not.

So change your verbiage if you are someone that says I'm going to let go or pause taking care of myself because it's the holidays. The holidays are only a couple of days in the grand scheme of things. Which leaves you with more time then you know it to stay on track and still work towards your goals.

Don't write off yourself, your goals or what you're working towards for a couple of days. You got this and we will be right here along side you cheering you on during this what could be a challenging time. But with the right support you will fly through the holidays with confidence!