Healing & Sealing The Gut

Don't run before you can walk.

Healing the gut isn't a two week thing. It's a process.

By now you've changed up the foods you're eating. You removed inflammatory foods and starting eating a larger variety of fruits, veggies, healthy fats and even tried new protein options. You're feeling better. The inflammation is going down in your gut, you feel lighter and less bloated all the time. Yay!

You even started taking Bioptimizers Biome Breakthrough and Bioptimizers Parasite Guardian a couple weeks ago which had worked like magic at eliminating the bad gut microbes that were growing and adding weight to your mid section.

Once you kill off and get rid of all the bad gut microbes in your gut, you will want to seal your gut lining. 

This is an important step that can't be missed.

Think about if you were to scrape you knee, your skin is damaged. How long would it take for this wound to heal? Especially if you were to keep falling over and over again for years. How long would it take for the scab to fully go away and your skin to look normal again? Healing is a process, it takes time. It's the same thing with your gut. If you're constantly inflaming it with the foods you're eating, medications, life stressors, ect. Do you think your gut would fully heal in just two weeks? 

During this process you will be sealing and strengthening your gut lining while repopulating the good gut microbes and rebuilding your gut wall.

The entire healing process (killing yeast, fungus, parasites, mold) and then sealing your gut can take up to 6 months to get the entire job done. 

So if you haven't already started repairing your gut, what are you waiting for?

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