Gut Health & Mental Health Connection

Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, you are not alone! 

Maybe you suffer from panic attacks, hold onto irrational fears or let your limiting beliefs get the best of you. Anxiety can show up in many ways and if it's left untreated can be debilitating. 

Your food choices are directly linked to the quality of your gut health. What you consume can either feed this microbiome in a positive or negative way. And that choice is up to you! Making better food choices involves eating a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods. These foods provide the fiber needed to build good bacteria and good gut health.

Building good gut bacteria and having good gut health allows us to build neurotransmitters like GABA. GABA is important for our brain and mental health.

GABA is a brain neurotransmitters that sends calming signals to the brain. It is responsible for relaxation and improves mood. GABA also plays a role in regulating the immune system, appetite and metabolism. So if there is a dysfunction or your GABA is low, it can lead to higher levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic stress. 

Begin by replacing highly processed, high-sugar, and high-fat foods with a large variety of whole foods.

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