Going After Bad Gut Microbes

Have you finished the job?

Avoiding certain foods is not a gut cleanse. Simply cutting out gluten isn't going to cure your underlying gut issues. Yes, it may help you to reduce the bloating and lose a couple pounds in the short term. But you may find yourself stuck again soon.

By now, you have stopped all sugar and white products (pasta, bread, ext.) and saw weight loss. You skin cleared up and your energy improved. You celebrated your success with a girls night and had chocolate cake and wine. Two days later your weights up and you're breaking out. What the heck just happened you're thinking.

You see, your initial weight loss was from starving the bad microbes in your gut, but you never fully killed and got rid of them. So they lay low in your gut till your feed them again. Bad gut microbes feeds off of inflammatory foods. Especially sugar, white potatoes and alcohol. Where as wheat, dairy, corn, tomatoes and eggplant all create the breading grounds for this bad microbes to grow. Bacteria can grow up to 4 times in size (and weight) inside your gut if it's trying to survive. 

High levels of bad bacteria/microbes can result in:

  • Chronic yeast infection
  • Weight gain and the inability to lose weight
  • Skin flareups, acnes, eczema
  • Poor sleep and sleep disturbances

Thats why in our 6 Week Gut Repair Program we don't just change your foods you're eating, we also have supplements to help kill off the bad guys completely. 

So if you've done juice cleanses, fasted, tried keto and every other fad diet out there and still gained all your weight back you may need to dive deeper and finish the job up properly. This includes truly healing your gut and getting rid of the bad bacteria living in your gut. Get started with our6 Week Gut Repair Program today!