Food Colouring / Dyes

Why are coloured dyes banned in Europe? What is there affect on us?

Halloween is quickly approaching and candy is everywhere. It's tempting to indulge when its literally in your face at every store you go to right now. But have you ever stoped to consider what's in them? Yes, they may taste good in the moment, but what are the long term effects of consuming these artificially died candies? Keep reading to find out more.

Yellow # 5 & 6 - Causes asthma, insomnia, allergies, thyroid issues, hyperactivity, aggressive and violent behaviour, eczema, hives.
Blue # 1 & 2 - May induce an allergic reaction in individuals with pre-existing asthma. Causes brain tumours. 
Red # 2, 3 & 40 - Causes thyroid & bladder tumours. Hyperactivity. Chromosomal Damage. Changes behaviour.

Why dyes are banned in Europe?

  • Europe takes a more precautionary approach to evaluating chemicals and additives put into food compared to North American countries.
  • They believe dyes are known to cause behavioural problems in children
  • Linked to cancer and other health problems

So when you are out shopping for Halloween Candy this year, choose organic ones. Stop by your local health food store or browse Natura Market for some healthier options that won't have the same last effects on your health.