Carb Backloading

Have you ever tried Carb Backloading? Do you even know what this means?

Let's discuss it. It's a way to place carbs in your day that can aid with fat loss. The fat burning hormone is glucagon. Whereas the fat storage hormone is insulin. Insulin increases when we eat starchy carbs in order to move sugar our of our bloodstream. When insulin is present, glucagon can not be. Therefore, you must not eat carbs during the day if you want to burn off stored body fat. 

We also crave more carbs at night so it's best to save them for the evening. Plus, this is often when most of the holiday meals and treats come out. 

Carb backloading is when you eat all your carbs at night or for dinner. And for the beginning half of the day, your meals mainly consist of proteins and fats, plus veggies. 

This is helpful because eating fats first thing in the morning and throughout the day will help your body use and burn fat as fuel. When insulin and glucose (from eating carbs) are not in your blood, glucagon will take the stored body fat and use that as fuel and places you in a fat burning cycle. 

So carb backloading esentially is a way to make you a fat burning machine during the day so that you can enjoy your night guilt free with the least amount of damage.  

Keep this in mind this holiday season and try eating this way the days you have an event to attend that evening. 

Sample meal plan:
Breakfast - 3-6oz Lean Protein, Veggies & Avocado
Snack - Chia Pudding with Berries
Lunch - 3-6oz Fatty Protein & Veggies or Large Salad
Snack - Handful Nuts
Dinner - Holiday Meal or Holiday Treats