2 Reasons To Keep It Together On The Weekends

Why keeping it together on the weekend is important while healing your gut.

We get it. The weekend is an important time to unplug. It's a time to relax, let go, reflect and maybe even a little partying or dinners out. Without the structure of your day to day, Monday-Friday jobs, you notice yourself slipping on your self care and nutrition. 

Two important reasons why it's much more important while doing gut healing work to keep it together on the weekends are:

  1. Microbes (bad bacteria) can feed and grow if you're consuming sugar, alcohol, dairy or gluten. In fact, cheating on your diet on the weekends during this phase can actually make you gain weight and your cleanse longer and more difficult.
  2. When you keep attacking your gut, this damage can take up to 1-3 months to fix. Each and every time you consume something that is inflaming your system you're extending your healing time.
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