Slimmer Waist 4 Week Program

Slimmer Waist 4 Week Program

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This plan is ideal for anyone that is motivated and looking to kickstart their fat loss journey. It provides a basic 4 week structured meal plan that will progress weekly to reduce insulin resistance (insulin resistance is the inability to handle carbs without weight gain). We have taken the guesswork out and provided you with an easy to follow plan. 

This plan provides you with a moderate amount of carbs higher on the glycemic index scale to start and progresses you down each week. This strategy is great for anyone looking to start a weight loss journey and needs a slower transition into an intense program. 

You will enjoy this program because they still have some of your favorite carbs each day. 

Following this plan, you have a less chance of: 

  • Experiencing low energy throughout the day
  • Mid day crashes
  • Food cravings during the day or at night
  • Moodiness


  • 4 Week Progressive Nutrition Plan to be followed for weight loss and a leaner waist.
  • Each plan is detailed and structured, giving you exactly what to eat for each meal/snack throughout the day.
  • Meal plans change weekly, with a purpose of getting your waist leaner. 
  • A better understanding of how to eat carbs and get leaner.
  • Nutrient dense meals.
  • Allergen free meals.
  • Meals designed to encompass proper food rotation.
  • Bonus: Recipe Guide to help make food more enjoyable.

This plan does not includes:

  • Weekly check ins with a coach.
  • Accountability - You must be motivated to follow through with this on your own.
  • No meal plan substitutes.
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